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Welcome to Our Langley Chiropractic Clinic

Founders of Langley Family Chiropractic standing outside of their chiropractic clinic

Our space was designed with trust and comfort in mind. It is important that our patients feel comfortable as we want to make sure everyone can get the care they deserve!

Our team agrees that the best investment is an investment in yourself. The more we can learn and pass along information to patients, the more you are able to help yourself, your family, and your community! 


We see education as the best tool to provide up-to-date and superior-quality care. Dr. Natasha and Dr. Ben utilize a variety of techniques as your go-to Langley Chiropractors, from manual adjusting to very gentle techniques for pregnancy and infant care, and everything in between. 

You will always feel in control and comfortable when you come in for care.


We are accepting new patients and referrals are always the biggest compliment!


Come see why we are rated as one of the best Chiropractors in Langley!

See you soon! 

If you are looking for a local Chiropractor, Naturopathic Doctor, or Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, we are just off of HWY #1 North of 200th Street in Langley! It is very convenient for many individuals traveling through the area and always an honor when we have patients from Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Langley, Walnut Grove, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Surrey, Vancouver, etc who drive out to see us! You will find us beside JVR dental, in the same complex as Wild Sage Massage, and facing Down 2 Earth Plant Parlour. If you are staying at the Sandman Hotel in Langley we are only a few steps away. In fact, we often walk to Fresh Street Market ourselves for nutritious snacks.

  • What To Expect With My First Chiropractic Visit?
    We perform a detailed history and exam to determine if any red flags prevent us from treatment. If there are any red flags, you will be referred to the appropriate specialist. Since comfort and safety is paramount we will walk you through everything we are doing. You always have the right to refuse treatment and you will never be forced to do anything. One thing that separates our clinic from others is the wide range of tools and training we utilize to get you moving and pain-free in a way that makes you comfortable. Yes, we can adjust any area and we are rock solid at adjusting! We love it, and as a husband and wife due are very competitive as to who is better! However, we also employ; gentle adjustments, activator, Webster technique, McKenzie Technique, flexion-distraction, active release, instrument-assisted soft tissue work, cupping, neurological testing, dual tasking, dynamic neuromuscular stabilization drills, and so much more!
  • Do You Direct Bill?
    Yes, to most third-party insurance companies, as well as ICBC. All insurance plans are different, some may not allow us to bill on your behalf, however you may check with your insurance company, as well as our office to see if we can bill on your behalf.
  • How Many Sessions Will I Need?
    This is one of the most common questions we are asked as your go-to Langley Chiropractor, and the answer is that it depends! Our experienced staff find that the number of sessions needed varies across the board as it depends on the ailment being treated as well as the patient's overall health goals. Some patients come in to fix a pain and in your report of findings where we explain exactly what is going on and why we will tell you the predicted time to heal the area. We will provide exercises and educational tips to support our treatment as well. We get asked if you need to do chiropractic care for life and the simple answer is if you want long-term health, then yes! Just like many people get regular massage, consistency is key! Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Just like if you stop exercising you would get out of shape. If you stop brushing your teeth you will get cavities. Even medication you have to take regularly. Vitamins you take daily. Nothing lasts forever. If also seems as though our joints are what hold us back later in life. So why not take better care of your joints and keep moving for your entire life! We are not forcing anyone to get care but we will always be honest and these are facts. You should get regular care to optimize your body's function!
  • Why Choose Langley Family Chiropractic?
    Our practitioners take the time to go through more than just the area that is bothering you. By assessing and treating the entire body you prevent compensations and you feel better significantly faster! While we will get you out of pain, we will also make you feel and function remarkedly better than before you came in! We not only treat the entire body, we educate, and give exercises/resources to help achieve and maintain optimal health. We want to set you up for a lifetime of health so you never have to miss out. We pride ourselves on always learning and always improving so you can guarantee that we not only practice what we preach but are always at the top of the game to help you! If you are ready to get the most out of life contact us and we will help you!
  • Do Adjustments Hurt?
    Chiropractic manipulation is a highly controlled and specific procedure. When a patient is in pain it may be already sore to contact and move the area however just like a sprained ankle, it is important to get it moving again so you can use it! There may be some momentary discomfort depending on your injury during the adjustment however most patients have instant relief following treatment. Any reported soreness after an initial adjustment has been described as similar to that associated with starting a new exercise program. That being said there are a variety of ways to adjust an individual and our providers will make sure to utilize a technique that makes you feel comfortable.
  • What is That Popping Sound?
    You may hear a sound when you are adjusted. As the synovial fluid (the fluid that protects and nourishes the joint) is stretched it creates tiny air pockets. As those air pockets release you will hear a sound. Similar to when air comes out of your stomach you burp. We like to call them joint burps! A chiropractic adjustment does not affect the bones of either side of a joint; it affects the connective tissue that holds the joint together.
  • Are Adjustments Safe?
    Spinal adjustments are extremely safe when performed by a licensed chiropractor.

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