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Natural TCM Herbal Prescription

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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a holistic system of health care that uses a variety of therapies and treatments to combat and prevent illness and achieve optimal health in patients. One of those avenues of treatment involves natural TCM herbs. More than 365 medicinal substances of plant, animal, and mineral origin are used by TCM practitioners.

"Although there are literally thousands of traditional herbal formulas for just about every condition imaginable, a formula is almost always modified by the TCM practitioner to suit the subtle nuances of the condition and constitution of the patient, making each formulation highly individualized."


  • 治療特定疾病:中藥處方可以應用於治療特定的疾病,如感冒、消化問題、呼吸道感染、皮膚病、糖尿病等。每種中藥的特定功效可以針對相應的症狀和疾病進行治療。

  • 調節內分泌功能

  • 改善免疫功能

  • 調整氣血循環

  • 調和陰陽

  • 緩解疼痛

  • 促進整體健康

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