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What to Expect at Langley Family Chiropractic

Initial consultation with Dr. Natasha Smith

Any time you step into Langley Family Chiropractic you can expect a warm welcome! 

On your first visit you will sit down with Dr. Natasha or Dr. Ben and go through a detailed description of what brought you into the office. Since your complaint may be affected by a variety of factors the doctors will follow up by looking into your past health history and lifestyle factors. Each individual is unique and therefore the examination will be tailored to you. Treatment is always dependent on safety and may or may not be given on the initial visit. You will leave feeling you were listened to, heard, and confident about whether or not chiropractic care can help you!

Chiropractor Dr. Ben discussing findings with patient

In your second treatment, the doctor will explain:


1) Diagnosis:

What is going on and why.

2) Treatment Plan: 

Can chiropractic care help and what other options will be beneficial for care

3) Prognosis:

The time frame evidence base research suggests it will take for your complaint to heal in conjunction with your current health status

4) HomeCare: 

Advice tailored to your presenting situation 

The doctor will answer any questions you have and will perform the treatment.


Chiropractor Dr. Ben adjusting a patients lower back during a subsequent visit

After your report of findings, Dr. Natasha or Dr. Ben will follow the plan you have discussed. Both chiropractors work as a team and we are excited to say that you are welcome to see either practitioner which will make finding a treatment time easier!

 The doctors will check-in and make sure you are progressing accordingly. If you are not progressing accordingly then when we re-evaluate your condition we potentially refer you for further imaging or testing if that was not originally necessary at the beginning. If at any time something new or different happens the doctors will need to appropriately examine the area and in those situations please book an extended visit so we can ensure you get the care you deserve.  

Please contact us if you have any questions,
we are happy to help!


When you feel good, you are nicer to others. When you feel good, you are more productive. When you feel good, you have more energy! The hormones released when we are happy are blocked when we are in pain, or when we are stressed! If you have not tried Chiropractic Care you don't even know how good you could feel/function! Remember we move through our joints. Therefore if a joint is tight/restricted then you have to engage more muscles to move that joint. The receptors in that restricted joint are telling the brain about restricted movement. At Langley Family Chiropractic we assess every joint head to toe because of how important it is that all our joints move well. When you can get proper motion through your joints you will also notice your exercises are easier on your body and you will notice improved performance! Regardless if you are hitting the gym, carrying a toddler, or just like to move, you should make sure your whole body stays moving well!

It is easier to stay healthy than to work back towards health.

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