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What to Expect at Our Naturopathic Clinic

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Any time you step into Langley Family Chiropractic you can expect a warm welcome! 

On your first visit, you will sit down with Dr. Nikki and go through a detailed description of what brought you into the office. As your complaint may be affected by a variety of factors, Dr. Nikki will follow up by looking into your past health history and lifestyle factors, including your nutritional habits and activity level. Each individual is unique and has a concern that is affected by their personal situation. Therefore, the recommended examinations and tests will be tailored specifically to you and your concerns. In some cases, these tests must be performed at LifeLabs or other available testing sites. 


Upon receiving the results of any required examinations or labs, Dr. Nikki will develop a treatment plan specific to you and your diagnosis and/or concerns and will walk you through this plan in your subsequent visit. 

1) Diagnosis:

What is going on and why.

2) Treatment Plan: 

How Naturopathic Medicine can help alleviate your symptoms and address the root cause of your concern

3) Prognosis:

The time frame evidence-based research suggests it will take for your complaint to heal in conjunction with your current health status

The doctor will answer any questions you have and will present any in-clinic treatments and advise how the treatment should occur at home.



After you and Dr. Nikki have established a treatment plan relevant to your specific concern, Dr. Nikki will advise brief check-ins as necessary to ensure that your condition is improving. She may use these brief check-ins to advise changes in your treatment plan, to ensure that your symptoms are not developing further, or to maintain and verify symptom alleviation after the concern has been adequately addressed. 


You and Dr. Nikki will work as a team to ensure that you are making the best possible progress toward your specific goals. 

If you are not progressing accordingly, Dr. Nikki may recommend that you move back to more regular visits or obtain further imaging or testing. 

Please contact us if you have any questions,
we are happy to help!

Remember...You deserve to feel your best and achieve your health-related goals. Even if you have received treatment for your particular concern in the past, Naturopathic Medicine may be able to better address the root cause of this issue, and accordingly better treat its symptoms. Additionally, Naturopathic Medicine can work to prevent disease and maintain good health, working as a preventative measure for many health-related concerns.

It is easier to stay healthy than to work back towards health.

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